Terror Hysteria: Real or a Ploy

When the news media starts to use the word “terror” as if it were  common place and every day word, the citizens become concerned. Many have speculated about today’s terror news but no one seems to have any answers. Some call it a quick measure to scare the citizens into believing in our government. The problem with Terror Hysteria is that it rarely results in consoling anyone.

Apparently some sources are calling today’s news a ploy similar to that of the 2007 incident where a jeep outside Glasgow airport was set on fire. Some argue that this story was made up and no such fire ever existed. More and more sources are speaking out about today’s events as if they were planned and planned only to scare. The Terror Hysteria is definitely not a way to provide confidence in anyone any where.

Authorities call this nothing more than a contrived story of a familiar boogeyman. If this is true, then of course, it appears that someone is just trying to insist that we increase our awareness of our surroundings. One reason the analyst are calling this a false alarm is due to the fact that the areas targeted were airport lobbies and other areas were security is not heavy. The media could very well be responsible for this pathetic Terror Hysteria today.

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