Ty Smalley: Bullying Gone Bad

The number one incidence of bullying in the United States occurs as girl on girl bullying. However, that kind of bullying leads to less physical damage most of the time than that of boy on boy bullying. Unfortunately, our nation has seen a rise in suicides which have been attributed to bullies. Ty Smalley is one example of a child pushed to a place that no one deserves to visit.

The general statistics indicate that 25% of kids are bullied weekly. Think long and hard about a child with cerebral palsy being bullied on the school bus, that definitely should hit home quickly. Furthermore, the kids who are no different than their peers but have been picked from a group and targeted. Since Ty Smalley took his life, his father is speaking out about the fact that bullying is a widespread problem and being almost ignored by authorities when reported.

The important key here is that the authorities are alerted but often don’t even make a record in writing of the problem. As the bullying continues to increase, students are less and less likely to speak up. That leaves students who really are in a situation where they look, act or behave differently open to attacks from every direction. If you can do only one thing today to  help put a stop to this horrible tragedy, join the Ty Smalley family and help educate parents on how to recognize when a child is being bullied and moreover how to recognize if their child is the bully.

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