Icon FJ45: Forbes Listed as America’s Most Expensive Truck

For many years the status symbol for many Americans has revolved around their automobile. Teenagers take great pride in having the prettiest, fastest or coolest car among their friends. That love got it’s start as Americans everywhere never seem to outgrow that need for recognition. The Icon FJ45 is listed right now on Forbes as the most expensive truck made.

The truck is a military-style long-bed truck which was hand built by Jonathan Ward and a company in Los Angeles. Ward started working on this project after making efforts to restore Land Cruisers. Experts agree that this extremely expensive truck is also one of the most comfortable trucks feeling much like a luxury sedan. Furthermore Icon FJ45 appears to have a price tag that’s closer to that of luxury sedans as well.

Jonathan Ward is the man responsible for this truck and has indicated that the truck has a classic style, modern performance and timeless utility. The starting price for one of these beauties rings up at a whopping $120,000.  Ward continues to boast that the Icon FJ45 has no plastic on it at all and that everything is metal and made from quality materials which are indestructible.

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