Government Licensing Internet: Big Brother

In the days prior to the introduction of the World Wide Web as one of the most useful tools invented, people were leery that this was going to be the Big Brother they had heard so much about. However, as users became more and more in control of their online use, people started to trust this exciting move in our society. Now, as it stands today, Microsoft has basically invited Big Brother to return to the scene.  A new proposal by a top Microsoft executive is suggesting that we move into exactly what was feared in the beginning, government licensing internet.

Scott Charney, the Vice President of Trustworthy Computing, suggested that global collective defense be run by firms allowing the government to track and control all computers. The idea that we would have a personal computer or PC would no longer exist. The suggestion was posed as the equivalent of the government tracking disease. The idea of government licensing internet is  excruciatingly scary to most every day honest working computer users.

The Microsoft executives also proposed the notion would be comparable to automobile inspections which are mandatory in some states. Is it really necessary that you be able to put a “Approved” sticker on your personal computer?  Obviously many people believe that this more than just a ridiculous idea, many feel that this could very well just be another dollar in Microsoft’s pocket. Microsoft has worked for 12 months on an intense program which would allow government licensing internet programming.


  1. Devin says:

    That is ridiculous indeed. The great thing about the internet has always been that it’s the ultimate bastion of freedom, in information, in access, and in other regards. We really do not need the government getting its slimy tentacles entangled in it.

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