Hartford Marathon 2010

Runners who train to run marathons have a specific training method depending on the length of time between races and the location of the race itself. This morning, Michael Wardian of Arlington, Virginia had the winning combination and finished in 2 hours, 24 minutes and 38 seconds in Hartford. The Hartford Marathon 2010 made a few changes to their half-marathon so more runners could get involved.

The organizers of the marathon were extremely happy with the way the race played out this morning. While Wardian won the men’s race, Jeannette Faber of Somverville, Massachusetts won the race for the second year in a row. She finished the race in 2 hours, 41 minutes and 6 seconds. The Hartford Marathon has been a success in years past and this year was no different.

Marathon organizers started closing off streets early and did everything possible to ensure that traffic delays were at a minimum. The road closures in several areas of town were extensive so race authorities were making as many alternatives as possible available. The runners all managed to hold on and make it through the course without harm. The Hartford Marathon 2010 has easily become one of the big races of the year for runners.

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