Brett Favre Scandal

Professional athletes are in positions of power regardless of whether they want to be or not. The NFL has put forth what they call their “personal conduct policy” and as it is right now, the players are pushing the limits in every direction. Big Ben pushed months ago, Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco pushed as late as yesterday and now, yet another shove at the NFL comes courtesy of one of the Minnesota Vikings. The Brett Favre scandal has managed to somehow overshadow the fun and games of the Randy Moss and Brett Favre show in New York tonight.

From the very minute that word leaked that Moss was headed Favre’s way, the fans and media frenzy began. Deadspin apparently felt like they could steer the spotlight in another direction by releasing information regarding the Vikings quarterback and Jen Sterger who was a Jets sideline reporter when Favre played for the Jets. Initially no one was talking, Sterger refused to comment on the matter and Favre made it plain that he too had nothing to say in reference to the allegations. But, the NFL decided to look into the Brett Favre scandal anyway and of course, that lead to a full onslaught of chaos.

The talk turned from a receiver with the talent of Randy Moss and a quarterback with the talent of Brett Favre, to the private life of yet another professional athlete. Tonight’s game would have been a lot more exciting if the only thing going on was between Favre and Moss. Apparently Favre made a decision months ago ensuring that this would not happen. The NFL moved in to dig deeper into the Brett Favre scandal when a report surfaced indicating that Favre had sent lewd text messages to 2 of the Jets massage therapists as well.

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