Former NFL Star or Super Hero: Junior Seau

The comparisons are as pathetic as the stories, all of which involve a Cadillac Escalade. Call it drama if you want, call it a plea for attention or call it plain stupidity, it doesn’t really matter why someone chooses to make stupid mistakes repeatedly, this one just might take the cake. As most sports fans know, Tiger Woods managed to get caught up in a horrible story involving an Escalade when he crashed in front of his own home. Now, Junior Seau has chosen the Escalade as his vehicle to make the news.

Add in the repulsive thoughts of  Paris Hilton’s arrest on the Las Vegas Strip when she was a passenger in an Escalade that was pulled over. Really, are the automobile’s able to give these folks the idea that super powers do exist?  Now, an ex-pro bowler has reportedly drove his  “’slade” off a cliff in Carlsbad California. Surely no one expects to make it through such ignorance just because the car they drive makes them feel invincible.

Is it coincidental that this accident occurred just hours after he was arrested for domestic violence with his 24 year old live in girlfriend? He is most well known for doing good things, such as activities at the Seau Foundation which is a organization he funded to help  children with various needs. He has two casual dining spots in Southern California which focus on sports, he puts on an event to celebrate his Samoan heritage and he even owns a clothing like known as Say-Ow. Although his TV Show called Sports Jobs with Junior Seau wasn’t renewed, the fact that Junior Seau  drove his own Cadillac off of a cliff is more than just a bit odd.

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