Juan Williams Fired: National Public Radio Fired Juan Williams

That’s correct in case you have been under a rock today and have not heard it is true that NPR has fired Juan Williams. The comments that ended up getting William fired were about Muslims and terrorism. Williams was a senior news analyst for NPR. The fact that Juan Williams Fired and the National Public Radio Fired Juan Williams makes some people angry.

Freedom of speech should be a way of life but people do pay consequences for saying how they feel. Williams is just one of several firings over the years because of people voicing their opinions. Williams stated that he get’s worried when he sees people in Muslim-style clothing boarding airplanes and frankly who could blame him. The news about Juan Williams Fired and that the National Public Radio Fired Juan Williams is pretty sad indeed.

It is the Muslims that have caused this on themselves because nobody of any other race has been involved of terrorism to the extent of the Muslims. Call it what you will but facts are facts and yes it is only a very small percentage of the Muslim community that are terrorists but as a majority everyone feels the same way inside as Juan Williams. It is the Extremists and not the general Muslims that people are afraid of and for good reason. The fact of Juan Williams being Fired and National Public Radio Fired Juan Williams will not sit pretty for many fellow Americans especially since it was Muslim Extremists that caused us devastation.


  1. John Rogers says:

    Firing Juan Williams was the last straw!! I see NPR becoming a non-entity in the near future!!

  2. Antonio Reis says:

    This is too much, NPR should fire Ellen Weiss!
    What has America come to? We can no longer express our opinion? The Muslims have destroyed the world, their hatred, their actions have forever changed our lives – and they are all very happy about it! The law abiding Muslims could stop their radical extremists, but are they? Come on already – I am sick and tired of it!

  3. Jan dougherty says:

    hmmm. National Public Radio..?? Good for Juan Williams for speaking his thoughts and feelings. God Bless you Juan for your willingness to share your thoughts and feelings and then standing them up before your administrators with conviction. Keep up the Free Speech.

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