Minnesota Vikings Robbed: Brett Favre Solid Against Packers

Sunday night football is over and the talk on the game begins. It was a great game between the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers. Theses teams showed that they arenthe best in the NFL Sunday. However the Vikings got robbed by a bad call where the Packers got a touchdown that was clearly not a touchdown.

Brett Favre actually played solid against the Packers and he is still by far the best Quarterback to ever play the game. The refs made some very bad calls in this football game. The fact that the Vikings Got Robbed and Brett Favre played Solid Against the Packers has some fans upset.

Brett Favre showed nothing but class through out the game. Favre will hopefully play in Green Bay in 2011 if he chooses to continue his legacy. Brett Favre is still the best quarterback to ever play the game and he showed that Sunday night against the Packers. The Minnesota Vikings Robbed and Brett Favre Solid Against Packers is something that should be remembered.

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