Kringle Candle Company

Most everyone has had a chance to inhale some of the awesome Yankee Candles found in various stores. Now, the son of the founder of the Yankee Candle Company has branched out on his own. The first store opened in Bernardston, Massachusetts this past weekend. The Kringle Candle Company is the result of a twenty-year old ambitious entrepreneur.

Michael Kittredge II founded the Yankee Candle Company when he was only sixteen years old. That means the youngster has some awful big footsteps to follow. The youngsters company opened with a broad spectrum of Christmas themed products on the shelves. The Kringle Candle Company has all the makings of an awesome Christmas story.

For the younger candle maker, starting his own business just seemed like the most logical path to take. Moreover, his decision to go the candle route was a choice he was able to make without a lot of fanfare as well, he already knew the business inside and out. The general consensus regarding the store among the locals is that if the youngster works as hard as his father,  he is sure to be a success. If you are wondering where you can find information on the Kringle Candle Company, you can see a large selection of products on


  1. Cathy Jarrell says:

    Good for you…What an honor to your father to follow in his footsteps. Every parent would want that..Kathie Lee talked about you on the Today show and now I cannot wait to buy one of your candles..Yankee candles are all over my home and I have always said they were the best. Now, I will test yours. Good luck and I am very happy for you…..Cathy

  2. amber says:

    Almost unheard of 40 years back, perfumed candles are large business. Kringle Candle Company is hoping to grow the industry even more. Founded by the son of the man who begun Yankee Candle Company, Kringle Candles opened its retail doors just a few weeks ago.Kringle Candle Company offers family history with candles.There has already been a noticeable impact on the economy of the region. If Kringle Candle Business becomes a vacationer desired destination as they hope to, the effect ought to continue to grow.

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