Four Loko: Lethal Drink

The state of liquids found in convenience stores, grocery stores and even nightclubs or bars is almost unimaginable. When the drinks  contain so many ingredients that it’s impossible to keep up with them, you can expect problems to pop up. That’s exactly what happened to a large mass of students recently. The Four Loko drink is thought to be responsible for making more than 50 students sick.

The drink combines alcohol and caffeine in amounts equivalent to an entire six pack of beer and five cups of regular coffee. That’s insane to think that anyone’s system could tolerate that kind of abuse. Some are calling the drinks turbo-charged alcoholic drinks and many have already been banned from college campuses. Unfortunately for Four Loko, Washington State’s Attorney General Rob McKenna has asked that the FDA ban the drinks nationwide.

For the youngsters in Washington, today’s report indicated that the students who were part of this round of sickness had astronomical amounts of alcohol in their system. The University indicated that the blood-alcohol content ranged from .12 percent to .335 percent. The legal limit in Washington is .08. The folks who market Four Loko need to take note that blood alcohol levels of .3 can be lethal.

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