Kristen Lee: Cliff Lee’s Wife

The New York Yankees general handle themselves with class. That’s not to say they aren’t against a bench brawl every now and again but generally speaking, they do their name proud. However, various reports indicate that the fans at Yankee Stadium were not very nice to the opposing teams guests. Kristen Lee, wife of Texas Ranger Cliff Lee, was reportedly subjected to insults, thrown beer and even fans spitting in her direction.

ESPN was the first source to mention this horrible behavior. The analyst wonder if that might not be just enough to keep the Yankees from getting Cliff in their house next year. It seems obvious that the Yankees will go after him but if his wife was treated so terrible, why would he bother to accept even the invitation to discuss a contract. Only time will tell if Kristen Lee can come away from those horrors and if money can do the talking.

Cliff Lee’s agent is trying his best to make this seem like a non-issue but Cliff’s wife wasn’t voicing the same message. Cliff’s agent says that the incident doesn’t matter at all and she says that opinion is blatantly influenced by the behavior of the Yankee fans. This could be the best move the Yankees ever made for Seattle because chances are, if the Yankees don’t get Cliff Lee and his wife Kristen to come to the big apple, the Seattle Mariners might just get their hands on the whole Lee family.

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