SAT Scores Down: Tuition Costs Up

As high school students spend hours plowing through college paperwork, some of them would do better to find themselves a place to study. According to various sources, the students taking part in the standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT aren’t scoring near as high as others have in the past. In addition to the lower scores, the cost of tuition is rising. The SAT scores of students headed to college have always been important, but now, the score may determine how much an education actually costs.

As experts nation-wide argue over the need for a college degree versus a technical education, test scores and tuition costs becomes an increasingly important topic. The fact of the matter remains, students still need to be able to prove their abilities before heading to college. Unfortunately, the part of the test suffering the most is the reading and comprehension section. The SAT scores of the future must start to improve if students have any intention of getting help to fund their college years.

The average cost of a college education at public universities has rose on average by 7.5 percent. Private non-profit college are looking at a tuition rise of 4.5 percent. Those numbers calculate to a rise anywhere from $555 to $27,293. If you are headed to college or are the parent with a student headed that way, make sure you take a look at the SAT scores so you can optimize your chances of getting help

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