Captain Kangaroo: Mr. Baxter

In a time when children’s television characters don’t always deliver the most child friendly shows, we have lost one of the best stars in history. Children everywhere tuned in to see Mr. Green Jeans, Mr. Baxter and the Captain as they solved various problems. Naturally we have many shows today that attempt to conquer this same life issue, however, many fail in comparison to children’s television from 35 years ago. At the age of 92, the man known to many as Mr. Baxter on Captain Kangaroo has died.

James “Jimmy” Wall started his career as the stage manager in 1962 after convincing the shows producers to allow a black character on the children’s show. His role on the show was that of the main character’s neighbor. He played the role of Mr. Baxter along with another recurring roll on the show until 1978. Captain Kangaroo is definitely the show that gave Mr. Wall his start to a career on the camera instead of just behind it.

Mr. Wall continued to work with CBS long after the Captain and his show were compete. He served as the stage manager for the U.S. Open Tennis Championship for 41 years. Walls face was noted on other big productions such as political conventions, presidential inaugurations, election coverage and space launches. Regardless of all the successful shows that Mr. Wall took part in, he will  forever be remembered for his role on Captain Kangaroo.

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