Fake Terror: Most Likely Not

As the night turned into morning, cargo planes bound for the U.S. were being stopped and searched for explosives. One plane was even escorted into JFK International Airport by two F-15 Fighter Jets. Originally this was thought to be a dry run for what could be a serious act of terror soon. Moreover, what some are calling fake terror is looking more like the real thing.

Various sources all over have managed to tie this to all kinds of people and groups of people. The President and his administration are clearly set that this was an act of terror and it was avoided due to appropriate action by the proper authorities. Others are blaming Obama with a pretend news story aimed at getting votes for the Democrats come election day next week. The bottom line on this one is that these packages actually contained the necessary equipment to carry out a terrorist attack and generally speaking, a fake terror attack, would not have been so carefully detailed.

The packages were on cargo planes but appeared to be toner cartridges. However, the boxes actually contained explosives and contained  a chemical called PETN which is used to detonate cords for explosives. Moreover, extruded wires and white power were found when the suspected cartridges were examined. All of this information makes this seem much too real to even entertain the thought of fake terror.


  1. Brian says:

    I don’t believe it for a second.

  2. John Wayne says:

    BS, there were no explosives found! Is this a Barry Soetoro supporting media website?

    Obama the lyingest President and Globalist Tool in the history of the USA, is making another Terror PSYOP up again just like he had the CIA stage the underwear bomber that they took off the plane in Detroit last Christmas – to get the body scanners into all North American and European airports!

    This time the PSYOP is being used by Obama to spoil the Super Congressional elections to try and save his Presidency!

    People are sick and tired of his fascist style government!

    Lets give him a real lesson for this and vote his Establishment Democrats and RINOS and Republican sympathizers out in absolute hordes!

    Please vote for the Independent Constitutionalists in order to save our freedom and the Republic!

  3. M. Tanner says:

    “much too real to even entertain the thought of fake terror” — Yeah those printer cartridges can get really hot and also be used to print stuff.

  4. Truth says:

    FAKE TERROR. bush did it obama did it the UK does it.

  5. sarah says:

    Fake terror! just like that underpant bomber who didnt even have a passport and was escorted on the plane by a CIA agent . But dont take my word for it. research all the eye witness accounts. Enough of these criminals abusing their powers BRING THEM TO JUSTICE EXPOSE THE TRUTH

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