Comic Con: Who Doesn’t Like Funny?

Comedians are a rare breed as many of folks make a poke at being funny but fail in comparison. However Comic Con has nothing to do with comedians and it can be found in San Diego year in and year out during a convention set for comic books and horror magazines. Sales for the big 2011 version started this morning and almost immediately the website crashed. Comic Con coordinators indicate that the sites were only down temporarily.

Although the comedy seekers put ticket sales servers down briefly, the official site indicates that only a few badges were actually sold. Many are unsure exactly what is going on but one thing is for certain, ticket sales have been suspended until next Monday. The very fact that the 4-day passes for the 2011 show sold out at the last convention proves the convention to be wildly popular. The Comic Con passes that are sold old are the ones that include entrance to preview night.

If you are looking to get a 4-day pass that doesn’t include the preview event, those should be back on sale on November 8, 2010. The 2011 conference is set  for July 21-24 with the preview night on July 20, 2011. Officials indicate that on November 8 when sales resume, the problems with the sales on the website will be corrected. The Comic Con convention is definitely the place to be if you are looking for old comic books but you better hurry.

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