Julien Hug: Former Bachelorette Contestant Julien Hug

Reality TV has managed to bring even the oddest of people to television. Reality show junkies can often recite the names of the stars of their favorite show dating back to the first episode of their favorite shows. Those who just tuned in to watch the show, The Bachelorette, during Jillian Harris’s season might know a man found dead today in Southern California. Julien Hug was one of the bachelors looking to win the heart of Jillian.

The body was found on a scenic highway in Southern California in Riverside County. Authorities haven’t confirmed that the body found is that of the reality TV star but the family has. The family had filed a missing person’s report on Monday when the bachelor didn’t show up at his intended destination of Palm Desert. Julien Hug left San Diego headed to his parents restaurant but never arrived.

The only details authorities have confirmed is that a body was found in Pinyon Pines which is off of Route 74. According to the Sheriff’s Deputies, the area where the body was found would have been visited by someone who was hiking, not someone passing through. The body was found on Wednesday night and the bachelor’s father indicated that it was the body of his son. An autopsy was scheduled for today but authorities still haven’t deemed his death a matter of foul play.

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