New York Marathon

From the Big Apple, the New York Marathon is taking place today, Sunday November 7, 2010, where we will see runners from across the world take part. Coverage of the 26.2 mile run can be seen starting at 9:00 AM ET on NBC for those in New York. Nationally NBC Sports coverage will be shown between 2:00 PM -4:00 PM ET. You can track your favorite runner in the New York Marathon by using text, email and even an application for your mobile device.

The run is being sponsored by ING and there is $600,000 to be awarded equally between male and female runners. Not only does the first place winner receive prize money, all the way up to 10th place will be awarded monetarily. Runners from around the world have been training hard for today’s race competing in marathons leading up to today. The New York Marathon is expected to have over 100,000 participants this year.

This amazing¬† road race ends in Central Park, one of the great landmarks of New York. With millions of spectators on the streets and world wide, running in this race is unlike any other marathon. Look for celebrities along with world class runners and every day folk to be running along side one another today.¬† Best wishes to all of those participants in today’s New York Marathon.

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