Wade Phillips Fired: Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Wade Phillips Fired?

With week 9 of the NFL season wrapping up tonight in Cincinnati there is big speculation surfacing that the Dallas Cowboy’s will be looking for a new head coach. The Cowboy’s, whose stadium will play host to this years Superbowl, lost again last night moving to a 1-7 record on the season. Sunday nights game in Green Bay did not go the way the Cowboy’s were hoping and they ended up losing 45-7. It was anticipated by many, that after the loss, the headlines today would read Wade Phillips fired.

Adding fuel to the rumor fire, the Cowboy’s have announced a press conference for today at 4:00 PM Central. This would be the opportunity for owner Jerry Jones to make the announcement about the possible head coach change in Dallas. The Cowboy’s, who were expected to go far this year, have not seemed to gel under the current coaching staff. Jerry Jones announced after yesterdays game that a coaching meeting would be held Monday and that changes were inevitable, that is why the rumors of Wade Phillips fired are not a surprise to anyone.

Week 10 of the NFL season does not get any easier for the Cowboys as they head to the New Meadowlands Stadium to face off against the NFC leading New York Giants. With star quarterback Tony Romo out with a broken collar bone, and with the possibility of new head coach the team will have a lot to overcome. The lack luster performance this year can not get any worse for the Cowboys, but maybe with a new head coach they could salvage something. Keep posted and see if the rumors turn out to be true about Wade Phillips fired.


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