Sally Jesse Raphael, Phil Donahue, Ricki Lake, Montel Williams: Former Talk Show Hosts on Oprah

Wednesday’s episode of Oprah saw a gathering of former television talk show hosts. With this being the last season of the Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah herself wanted to salute hosts from the past. The guests gathered in Chicago on Oprah’s set to reminisce about the past and talk about future plans. Sally Jesse Raphael is planning a return to television in a show that documents her journey in finding a new job in t.v.

The episode of Oprah aired today, and is you missed it don not fret as it will most likely be see in reruns during the season, or found on the internet. Winfrey will be wrapping up her show this year after 25 years. The guests on today’s show also included Geraldo Rivera, Montel Williams and Ricki Lake. Phil Donahue was credited by Oprah as giving her a start in television, his show that he created and hosted, the Phil Donahue Show ran for 26 years until it ended in 1996.

This collaboration of former talk show hosts was the first time ever that all 6 had been together in one room. With over 100 former talk show hosts out there only a few became as well known as those on today’s show. Others who have made their mark include Jerry Springer, Maury Povich and Jenny Jones to name a few, however they did not make the cut for Ms.Winfrey’s show. Oprah, along with Sally Jesse Raphael and Phil Donahue have had some of the longest lasting daytime talk shows in history.


  1. raymond hartwick says:

    my wife is in constant pain and would love to know what\Montel Williams is doing that has lessing his pain by 80 percent.

    thank you,

    ray hartwick

  2. D. Brubaker says:

    Also interested in the study that Montel referred to on Oprah’s show this week.

  3. Gayle Howey says:

    My daughter who is 27 has been batteling MS for 2 years and anything that Montel could offer to make things better would help.

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