Amy Erin Blakely: Woman Sues Employer Over Firing

Amy Erin Blakely is suing her former employer Devereux Foundation over wrongful dismissal. She has worked for the company for over 6 years and has said that she was fired because of her large breast size. She states that after filing a complaint about the inappropriate comments she was receiving from male employees she was fired from the company. Amy Erin Blakely claims that not only did her large chest lead to her firing, it also prevented her from receiving any promotions at the Devereux Foundation.

The company in question her is an organization dedicated to helping children. It finds foster homes for children with different special needs. President and CEO of the Devereux Foundation, Robert Kreider, released a statement saying that “the allegations are purposefully inflammatory” and also that organization has a “deep and abiding respect for women”. Amy Erin Blakely though disagrees with this statement and told reporters that she was once told by her employer that her chest size is distracting.

Ms. Blakely has hired celebrity attorney Gloria Allred to represent her in this matter. She is best known for representing Nicole Brown Simpson’s family in the OJ Simpson trial and most recently representing¬† 2 of Tiger Woods alleged adulteresses. Ms. Allred and her client most recently did an interview with FOX News 11 bringing these allegations to the media. Amy Erin Blakely is doing her best to get retribution for her firing from the Devereux Foundation.

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