Donovan Mcnabb: Mcnabb Contract Extension

The final game of week 10 in the NFL kicks off tonight at 8:20 PM ET in Washington where the Redskins will play host to the Philadelphia Eagles. This is the second match up for these 2 teams this season. The Eagles are favored in tonight’s game by 3.5 points, but that is not the main story today. Washington quarter back Donovan Mcnabb has signed a contract extension for 5 years, the Mcnabb news comes as he faces his former team that traded him prior to this season.

The Redskins are coming off a bye week in which the details of the contract extension were worked out. The Redskins week 8 NFL game saw the team lose to the Detroit Lions and also saw head coach Mike Shanahan remove Mcnabb in the final few minutes. The coach later made comments about his quarter back not knowing the 2 minute drill and also not having the cardiovascular ability to finish out the game. The Donovan Mcnabb of today is not the same as we have seen in the past but the Mcnabb contract extension goes to show the Redskins are satisfied with what they have received so far.

The full details of the contract has not been released. What we have been told is that the deal is for $78 million over 5 years with a guarantee of $40 million. Look for tonight’s game to be action packed as these two teams are competing for second spot in the NFC East division. We will see after the game this evening whether the news is still about Donovan Mcnabb and the Mcnabb contract extension or about the Redskins win over the Eagles.


  1. Seems a bit excessive for a quarterback his age.

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