Brent Barry Wife: Erin Barry

The big entertainment news circling the internet this hour is the Eva Longoria divorce caused by husband Tony Parker cheating. Well the scandal gets even more juicy as it was revealed that the person with whom Parker was doing the cheating with is a wife of his former team mate. Longoria apparently found many texts on her husbands phone leading her investigate his faithfulness to her. Former team mate Brent Barry’s wife, Erin Barry, is who Parker is suspected of having an affair with.

Longoria and Parker were married for 3 years this past summer and have been together for over 7. They were friends with the Barry’s as the men played together on the San Antonio Spurs. Longoria told reporter Mario Lopez today that there were hundreds of text messages on Tony’s phone from his alleged mistress. Brent Barry and his wife Erin Barry are also going through a divorce at this time.

This is not the first time that Tony Parker has cheated reports Longoria. Earlier on in their relationship he had an affair with a women he continues to keep in touch with. Longoria has filed for divorce and is also asking for spousal support. Longoria wants everyone to know that she is devastated but being strong during this time as the news has come out that her husband may have cheated with Former team mate Brent Bary’s wife, Erin Barry.

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