If Ever in Toronto You Must Eat Here

The beautiful city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada brings to you cultures from all over the world in one place. There are areas throughout the city that would make you think that you were in another country. China town, Greek Town, Little Italy just to name a few, all provide you with restaurants and stores that make you feel like you are somewhere else. The city is filled with historic buildings mixed in with modern ones. There are museums, art galleries, a waterfront, a zoo, and the list goes on.

If you ever are in Toronto you must eat here, a restaurant high a top the city on the 54th floor of the Toronto Dominion Tower, called Canoe. The views from the top are enhanced by the large windows that surround the restaurant. You can see planes getting ready to land at the airport found on the island in Lake Ontario or look down at street level and see cars and people that look miniature. Canoe is part of the Oliver and Bonacini restaurant group that has about 6 other places to eat in its repertoire. It opened about 14 years ago and in January of 2011 will be undergoing renovations.

The service that you will receive upon arriving at Canoe is top notch. See if you can get a tour from one of the waiters, where you may even find yourself meeting the chef and getting a look at the kitchen. The food is delicious from start to finish, and with a large selections of wine you are sure to find one to please your taste buds. Canoe is not just another dinner, it is a dining experience.

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