Michael Brea: Ugly Betty Michael Brea

Making big news today for the wrong reasons were Michael Brea from Ugly Betty. Supposedly Brea killed his mom with a sword and neighbors say cops were slow to respond to the calls. Thirty-one year old Michael Brea once appeared on a show called Ugly Betty. Reports are that Brea and his mom were fighting inside their Brooklyn, New York apartment.

Michael Brea Ugly Betty

There are also reports that the police waited a good hour before entering the apartment despite hearing pleas from Yannick Brea. Michael Brea must have snapped and police are trying to find out why. Reports are that they heard Michael Brea yelling at his mother to “repent”. Obviously and for good reason once proven guilty Michael Brea will not be on Ugly Betty again unless it is from his jail cell.

The thought of a son harming their own mother is just plain sick if he did indeed do it. Perhaps they should bring the death penalty to New York State for crimes of this nature. One thing for certain is Michael Brea will not be known for Ugly Betty but only for this gruesome murder once proven guilty. The murder weapon that Michael Brea supposedly used to kill his mother was a 3 foot sword which makes this even more chilling.

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