Pat Manocchia: Celebrity Fitness Trainer Pat Manocchia Releases Book

When it comes to fitness nobody knows how to get someone in shape better than Pat Manocchia. Madonna used Manacchia for more than 8 years and obviously she always looked amazing. Pat Manocchia still trains lot’s of famous celebrities although he caps the number at 200 and the price is roughly $8000 per year. Pat Manocchia who is a top Celebrity Fitness Trainer released a very good strength training book just in time for Christmas.

Pat Manocchia’s latest book titled “Anatomy of Strength Training, The Five Essential Exercises” was released today. It is a must read for those of us wanting to get into better shape before Christmas is here in just a few short weeks. Pat Manocchia is a huge part of the La Palestra gym located in Manhattan, New York. Some of the celebrity fitness trainer Pat Manocchia’s clients included Liam Neeson, JFK JR, Madonna and many more.

Pat Manocchia’s book is sure to be a hit this holiday season with many people looking to lose weight fast. After the Christmas holidays gyms every including Pat Manocchia’s see a huge enrollment boost because of New Years resolutions. With the low price of Pat Manocchia’s book you can save money by avoiding the expensive gym memberships and just buy some home fitness equipment. The celebrity fitness book “Anatomy of Strength Training” by Pat Manocchia will get you on the right track to building lean muscle while shedding fat fast.

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