Cartoon Character Facebook: Cartoon Pictures for Facebook Profile

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock you have heard about the Facebook and everyone trying to get the best cartoon pictures for their profile pictures. Some of the best cartoon pictures have been viewed and they are really good. The idea is to have no human faces on Facebook for the profile pictures but instead have cartoon characters to bring awareness to child cruelty. Some people think that the cartoon character Facebook could be fun so everyone is searching for cartoon pictures for Facebook today.

Cartoon Character Facebook

It sure sounds like a lot of people have extra time on their hands looking for cartoon pictures instead of being productive in the real world. Perhaps we should create a non Facebook day or week where nobody is allowed to use Facebook. Some Facebookers do not understand what the big deal with cartoon Facebook but then they likely have better things to do then update Facebook profiles like actually do something about child cruelty. The reality is that people are addicted to Facebook and now finding the best cartoon pictures for Facebook is their mission.

Facebook good or bad has made friends and family closer to one another which is not a bad thing. Facebook has and can make people do some pretty strange things including changing your profile picture to a cartoon picture this weekend. The cartoon character Facebook just proves that people can be manipulated social media and the media in general. People should start to think about what they are actually doing when it comes to finding cartoon character pictures for Facebook and spend their time more productively with family and friends.


  1. Jack Stafford says:

    PLEASE change ur profile pic to a cartoon u loved in ur childhood

  2. Joseph Johnson says:

    I disagree with the article above. I probably won’t change my picture, but claiming its a waste of time is stupid. It takes a whole 1 minute to google image search a cartoon character and change it to your profile picture. Wow. Big waste of time huh.

  3. Rebecca Davis admin says:

    The waste of time is spending hours searching for the perfect cartoon character picture.

  4. Tim Edwards says:

    Hey Admin, U just spent they same amount of time on what – talking about cartoons on facebook! Try finding something better to do with YOUR time and stop worrying about what other people do with theirs. Some people get on fb on their down time when they do whatever to unwind. They can watch tv, take a nap, read a book, talk on the phone, or even put a cartoon on their profile. Why does that have to be any of your concern? Well, that’s my break time. back to work.

  5. Rebecca Davis admin says:

    Some people call it work.

  6. It took me like five minutes at the most… Just saying…
    Your whining and complaining was a bigger waste of time than finding a facebook picture.

  7. Halo says:

    Talking about meaningless things is itself meaningless, which is what i am also doing right now…

  8. Jazmine Jones says:

    Umm excuse me sir but you have no evidence of any of this. It took me 30 seconds to change my picture. If you don’t want to thats fine but you must obviously have a lot of time on your hands if you writing about how we are so susceptible to the media. All we’re doing is changing a picture……… WOW…….

  9. Melanie says:

    Now Really, who are you or anyone to judge what or how people choose to use ther time, lmbo!

  10. Rebecca Davis admin says:

    Exactly, you just proved my point.

  11. Wolfgang says:

    Missing the point here, it took you 30 seconds to change your profile picture, im sorry, are these poor children going to benefit from your profile picture? Those who care enough to do things such as donate money to the charitys dont need to be made aware, those who simply changing the’re pictures are just jumping on the band wagon to make themselves look cool.

    Asked again, how will a profile picture help an abused child?

  12. lipsy says:

    peeeps calm down yes its fun to have a cartoon pic but its not for a good cause its peadophiles on facebook wh have made everyone have a cartton because then children will add or exept them as they have a funny cartoon as their profile picture :/ so please change it back to ur face :)

  13. cvncnzn says:

    It’s just supposed to be fun…just like the breast cancer awareness “what color is my bra” which proved to have some effect. It gets people in the mood to do things like this…discuss what’s going on.

  14. Mandi says:

    This whole changing thing about your profile picture to your favorite cartoon character thing was actually created by a group of pedophiles, because if children see pictures of cartoons they will add them, it was
    currently on the program of Internet frauds and will apparently be on tv some time tonight!
    Just how disturbing is this???

  15. MRS. DAWN C. says:

    Seriously? Since you shared your opinion, here’s mine: To me, Facebook is just like the darn video games and game systems. I think, from a woman’s stand point, Men have their Call of Duty crap, no matter the age, and we have facebook. (I know there are quite a bit of men that update their statuses and all that stuff.)It’s also another way to socialize with out-of-state family, just to unwind, talk to deaf friends and so-on. The internet is a savvy thing and people own their own time to do whatever they please to do with it. It’s no different from me reading this article. And if that’s the case, then you are saying that people are also wasting their time reading YOUR work, which is rather sad.

  16. Wolfgang says:

    Yes but we on x-box playing “call of duty” do not sucumb to trends such as changing our picture’s to fit in with everyone else (Infact we focus on killing each other), so you are saying females should be forgiven for following each other and changing the’re profile pictures to these standards, thats fasion rather than playing on the internet. (im not focusing on females, im focusing on 95% of facebook users)

    Reading this article is our way of making sure that at least some people understand that our views show how stupid it is to change your pic to a cartoon, and how it will not effect anything, after 3 or so weeks after this has happened, it is a forgotten and lost trend, is there anything in the news to state that anything changed? Nothing except that 99% of people on facebook have changed the’re profile pictures back, to the orginal pictures of ther’re face’s. If anyone believed in making a stand, everyone would still have pictured of cartoons over facebook.

    Fighting a reason does not last for a week, it is a perpetual fight which will last a LIFETIME.

    Sorry to pick on you but im tying to make a point that looking cool to your 500 friends, 480 of which you have never met, dont give a damn what you belive in ;)

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