Steelers Ravens: Ben Roethlisberger Broken Nose

Last night in the NFL Sunday Night Football matchup we saw the Pittsburgh Steelers take on their division rivals the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens were leading 10-6, but a fumble by quarterback Joe Flacco late in the 4th gave the Steelers the chance to win. The Steelers took advantage of the opportunity and ended up coming out on top with a 13-10 victory, bringing their record on the season to 9-3. The Steelers Ravens game did not start off pretty, as a hit to the face of  quarterback Ben Roethlisberger gave him a broken nose.

During the Steelers first drive of the game a Ravens defensive player came in for the sack and hit Big Ben in the nose. The blood began to pour and when the camera zoomed in on Roethlisberger one could see his nose was displaced on his face. That was not enough to stop the Steelers quarterback, as he was right back on the field for his teams next drive. With tension high for the Steelers Ravens game it was no surprise that there was an injury, it was a bit surprising though that the injury was  Ben Roethlisberger having a broken nose.

Viewers could see that Roethlisbergers’ nose was looking out of place on his face. The teams trainers did say that he was still fine to play and so he continued on with out any hesitation. After the game though the team did announce that he would be under going surgery this week to repair the nose, but it will not affect him starting next weekend. This weeks Steelers Ravens game shows how determined teams are to get the win as shown by the Ben Roethlisberger broken nose not stopping him from playing and winning.


  1. Austin Weber says:

    I hate the patriots.

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