Groupie Connie Hamzy Making News

Connie Hamzy, who hails from Little Rock, Arkansas, was born on January 9, 1955. She is known for her claims that she has had sex with many big rock musicians when they came on tour in Little Rock. Hamzy also claims that Bill Clinton propositioned her back when he was Governor, although that has never been admitted by Clinton. Connie Hamzy published a memoir in 1995 detailing her adventures.

Mentioned in the Grand Funk Railroad song We’re an American Band, the lyrics go “Sweet sweet Connie doin her act, she had the whole show now that is a fact”. In an interview back in 2005 for SPIN magazine Hamzy detailed many of her conquests. She claims to have had encounters with members of the Eagles, Led Zeppelin and The Who. Although all of the claims by Connie Hamzy have not been authenticated by the band members.

Connie began her groupie escapades when she was a teenager. Getting tickets to concerts when the came to Little Rock and then making her way backstage to the musicians. She would perform oral sex among other things on the musicians, managers, and others involved with the band. Connie Hamzy is a legend among groupies, and continues to follow bands when they hit Arkansas even today.

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