Florida Gators Coach: Urban Meyer Steps Down

The Florida Gators recruiting just took a big hit today with football coach Urban Meyer stepping down. It is still unclear exactly why Urban Meyer has left the Florida Gators. Many speculate that his ex-QB Tim Tebow needs him in Denver but time will only tell. Urban Meyer has won two national championships since taking the Florida Gators football coaching gig back in 2005. Now who will be the Florida Gators Coach next season with Urban Meyer retiring.

Urban MeyerThe biggest problems for the Florida Gators football team will be recruiting the top players that Urban Meyer wanted to go after. With the absence of Meyer the Florida Gators better fill his shoes with a big time coaching power to save the 2011 recruiting for the football team. Urban Meyer is coming off the worst football season of his career at Florida because of the lack of talent. We saw Urban Meyer resign last season for health reasons which involved panic attacks so perhaps he is actually done from football for good.

The Florida Gators football coach Urban Meyer wants to spend more time with his family and who can really blame him. The job of a college football coach is 24/7 for 9 months out of the year so who can blame Urban Meyer for resigning. It is expected that Mississippi State football coach Dan Mullen will likely fill Urban Meyers shoes at Florida. There is also speculation that the next Florida Gators head coach might actually be John Gruden with Urban Meyers stepping down and that might be a good fit.

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