Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos

Another pop star is in the news for the wrong reasons today and that is Christina Aguilera. Supposedly someone leaked half-naked photos of Christina Aguilera although it is unconfirmed exactly how it happened. Rumors are that a hacker broke into Aguilera’s stylist computer although it is not certain. You can see all of the Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos online if you really want to invade her privacy once again.

Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos

Oddly enough Christina Aguilera has a film that was just released called Burlesque so maybe this is just a publicity stunt. I would not put it past most famous people who are looking for a popularity boost. Speculation of the Aguilera being pregnant again is because of the Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos since she looks bigger than in previous photos.

Christina is definitely not happy about the photos so it is highly unlikely that this is a publicity stunt. This won’t stop people from searching out the leaked photos. The only thing Christina can do now is be proud of her body and hope her fans feel the same way. The Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos show just how unsafe your own computer might be from a hacker.

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