Hendrik Coetzee Presumed Dead

Hendrik Coetzee is best known for his blog, The Great White Explorer. It is obvious that he has a great love for nature and living his life without the general rules of society. His last words were, “As hard, warm drops trashed at our little selves and a pair of goats, we stood precariously on a unknown slope deep in the heart of Africa, for once my mind and heart agreed, I would never live a better day.” This post was dated November 26, less than two weeks later, Hendrik Coetzee is presumed dead.

He has been missing since early Tuesday morning when he was attacked by a crocodile. He was leading an American expedition from the White Nile into the Congo. The attack happened on the Lukuga River and the attack was witnessed by a pair of kayakers, Ben Stookesberry of Mount Shasta, California and Chris Korbulic from Rogue River, Oregon. Sadly, it is believed that his blog entry may truly be his last words to the public as Hendrik Coetzee is presumed to be dead.

The area of the river that they were travelling on is known to be very dangerous because of the crocodiles and hippos. “There are three-ton hippos that will bite you in half,” quotes one of the American kayakers “Stay off the banks because the crocs are having a bake and might fancy you for lunch. Basically, stay close behind me and follow my lead. Any questions?” Hendrik Coetzee is presumed dead because the body has not been recovered as of yet and because of the viciousness of the attack it is not expected that he will be found alive.

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