Will World Cup 2010 Make Americans Aware of Real Football?

The majority of Americans don’t know what World Cup 2010 is, let alone how big it is to the rest of the world. Promoters of the most popular sport in the world are hoping to get the American general public’s interest because they have a match between England and the United States to start the playoffs in South Africa. It could be a hard sell to people who think football is more about contact than it is about constant movement and bouncing a ball off your head. The thought of everyone on the team kicking the ball might give it more of the football tag than the American favorite pastime, but it still has to be sold to the masses.

A Brazilian referee crew will be working the England/USA match at World Cup 2010. They have been studying to learn exactly what words and/or gestures are obscene in the English language. This could be a cause for concern if the crew misinterprets something that is said or indicated leading to a penalty against either team. Imagine how sad it would be if the match were decided by a misunderstood gesture like an English player giving an American player the old thumbs up and being tossed on his ear for obscenity.

Although this match is bound to make some inroads into the American concepts of soccer, it is going to be hard for it to leapfrog over American football, baseball, and basketball, which are all in front of this sport now. If the American team were to have a good showing, then the landscape might change somewhat, but even if they took it all, it’s unlikely that World Cup 2010 would be remembered past the start of football season in America. After all, you can’t expect to change an entire nation’s views on sports with an event that only comes around as often as the Olympics.

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