Christmas Gift Ideas: ToyWatch, iPhone 4, Xbox Kinect

With only 2 weeks left until Christmas, here are some great gift ideas for those who have budgets over $300. ToyWatch is an Italian designer who creates watches similar to the more expensive luxury style watches, but for half the price. The US subsidiary is based in Chicago and  owned by a man named Randy Gordon. The ToyWatch was featured on Oprah’s Favorite things list back in 2007, and features ceramic style and jelly looped watches among multiple other designs.

Christmas Gift Ideas

The iPhone 4 by Apple is the latest in the iPhone brand of smart phones. With 3 years of design and technology behind it, this edition is the best yet. Some of the features available on this 9.3 mm smart phone include: retina display, facetime, 5 mega pixel camera, HD video recorder, and much much more. The iPhone has changed the way people use a cell phone, and the iPhone 4 has made it even better.

Finally another great gift idea for the whole family is the Kinect system for Xbox 360. Kinect is a full body game that does not require the use of a controller. By using a motion senor and skeletal tracking the system creates an individual profile that it remembers and brings up whenever you play by using facial recognition. The great thing about the Kinect system is that it can be added to any Xbox 360, so everyone can get moving.

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