Mark Madoff Son Of Bernie Madoff Found Dead From Hanging Suicide

Saturday Dec 11,2010 Mark Madoff, son of Bernie Madoff was found dead from hanging suicide. This tragic event happened on the 2 year anniversary of his father Bernie Madoff’s arrest for the Ponzi scheme that ruined thousand of lives around the world. This is believed to be the reason for the suicide. There is evidence to support this belief.

Mark Madoff has taken the arrest very hard and there were many things that were going on with the family even when most of the world had moved on and were no longer thinking of the Madoff family. One of the biggest problems Bernie Madoff’s family has been facing since his arrest was the tangent of civil lawsuits that were being filed by victims of the Ponzi scheme that the elder Madoff has been running. After this they were also targets of a lawsuit filed by a bankruptcy court trustee that wanted to get assets for the Ponzi scheme victims. These series of events were having a horrific affect on the family but especially Mark.

Mark Madoff had been working with his father at the brokerage firm since he had graduated from the University of Michigan in the year 1987. He had the utmost confidence in his father and his business and even had a number of his childhood friends invest with Madoff. These friends lost their savings because of this fraud. With the pain and suffering from losing the relationships, the lawsuits and stress the hanging suicide of Mark Madoff is the horrific end to a horrible two years in his life.

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