Bernie Madoff 2 Year Arrest Anniversary And Son’s Suicide

Just two years ago Bernie Madoff was arrested for the Ponzi scheme that he had orchestrated. This was a dark day for the Madoff family and the days that followed in the next 2 years were not any better. The last 2 years the family has had to deal with the aftermath of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme by facing an onslaught of lawsuits on behalf of the victims of the Ponzi scheme. Just when they thought it could get no worse – it did.

Saturday morning Dec 11th the son of Bernie Madoff, Mark Madoff was found in his home hanged. He had committed suicide on the 2nd anniversary of his father’s arrest. This is a dark day for the family, many say it is clear that the anniversary is what pushed Mark Madoff over the edge. The years of crushing consequences from his father’s misbehavior had been too much.

Not only did Bernie Madoff steal from people that he did not know but he also stole from his family. Bernie Madoff stole peace, safety and pride from the family and especially hurt his son Mark Madoff. Mark Madoff had been working with his father at the firm since his graduation in 1987. Not only had he worked with his father but he had also encouraged his childhood friends to invest and after the arrest had lost not only his father Bernie Madoff but also his life long friends.

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