Richard Holbrooke – Critical Condition

In breaking news from the state department it is said that Richard Holbrooke is in critical condition after undergoing Aorta surgery. For those of you who do not know, Richard Holbrooke is the presidents special envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan. He is in critical condition at Washington hospital after surgery to repair a tear in his aorta. With the important role he plays all eyes are on Richard Holbrooke.

According to the department spokesman P.J. Crowley the surgery which was done at George Washington University Hospital was at the state of completion Saturday morning. Richard Holbrooke is 69 years old and his family was with him throughout the surgery. While they are quite concerned they are also hopeful for a full recovery.

The position of the presidents special envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan was appointed to Richard Holbrooke by president Obama early on in his administration. You may best know this veteran diplomat for the helping hand he lent to broker the 1995 agreement that ended warring in Bosnia. There are many other achievements that Richard Holbrooke has made but this is by far his most prestigious.

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