Will Muschamp – Muschamp To Coach Florida

Will Muschamp gets to go back to his old childhood city of Gainsville, Florida as he takes on the responsibility of coaching Florida. Will Muschamp had spent 10 years in Gainsville, Florida as a child and he seems excited to be back. Even though he has a lack of head-coaching experience his knowledge of Florida and the SEC overrode this drawback. The first game is sure to show if he was a good choice for the job or not.

Will Muschamp replaces two time national champion Urban Meyer. Muschamp says it is really a dream come true for him. He will be introduced at a news conference that will be held on Tuesday evening. The timing was a little odd to some people because of the fact that it coincides with the Heisman Trophy ceremony.

A lot of people seem to be wondering if Will Muschamp is the right guy for the job since he has been an assistant coach for such a long time. There are others however that think that he is going to do an awesome job as he brings the level of excitement up a notch. None of us will really know how things are going to turn out with Will Muschamp until after the 4th quarter of the 1st game and probably not until the end of the season if we wanted to be fair.

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