Metrodome Collapse – Metrodome In Minneapolis Minnesota Collapses

Everyone is talking about the Metrodome collapse. The Metrodome’s inflatable roof has been crushed under the load of snow that has fallen. What are they are going to do? They are still brain storming but there are some that say they should just tear the roof off and play “real football”.

A blizzard warning remains in effect for the area so they are not getting ready to dig out and work on the Metrodome collapse just yet. There is still more snow to come, this was just the beginning. You would think that after seeing the past snow of Minnesota they would get it that – it’s going to snow. Maybe next year they are going to be more prepared.

The Metrodome collapse isn’t the only problem that they are having either. There are many roads that are closed and other problems to deal with after over 17 inches of snow covered the twin cities. Even the Giants were stranded in Kansas City,MO after their flight could not take off for it’s destination because of the snow. The Metrodome collapse was by far the most noticeable of all of the problems however.

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