Vikings Stadium Collapse – Talk About A Downer

As if the team didn’t already feel bad enough we had to throw in the Vikings stadium collapse. Some of the mockers say that they just should take off the top of the stadium and play some real football. Imagine trying to play ball in some of the insane blizzards that are seen in the area. With all of the snow that comes down in that area the Vikings stadium collapse really shouldn’t be that big of a surprise.

Before the Vikings stadium collapse there was some concern about whether it would stay up or not. Well I guess they figured out real quick what the answer was. Hopefully they are going to figure out a better way to keep the area covered because it doesn’t look like the inflated covering thing is going to work out so great. It couldn’t even take a little bit of snow (17 inches)!

No one wants to be the one that has to take responsibility for the Vikings stadium collapse. We will just call it an accident – one big accident. Hopefully a solution will be found for the Vikings stadium collapse soon. I am sure this is not the last that you will hear about the Vikings stadium collapse.

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