Walgreens – Hacking Victim

If you are a customer of Walgreens you may find yourself getting more spam than you have ever gotten before. They aren’t sure who but someone has hacked Walgreens e-mail list. Walgreens is the country’s second largest drugstore so I am sure there are plenty of e-mail addresses for the hacker to steal. Are you one of them?

About the only good news is that the only information the hacker did get was your email address. Walgreens assured customers that they did not need to worry about other sensitive information. They say there is nothing to worry about since the e-mail list is kept in a different location. No prescription records, credit card numbers and other important information should be compromised.

I feel sorry for Walgreens but you would seriously think they would hire some people that would take better care of their customers information. Maybe this is going to be a call to action for Walgreens and they will make sure to take better care of their customers information. Walgreens is not only a very popular place to get prescriptions but there are also groceries and photo services available. Walgreens is an extremely popular store.

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