Metrodome Collapse Video – See The Damage

Are you searching for the Metrodome collapse video? Everyone wants to see the damage that was done in Minneapolis,MN. It’s quite a sight to see as the inflatable roof of Vikings stadium is deflated by a whopping 17 inches of snow. Check out the Metrodome collapse video below.

Metrodome collapse video

As you can see by some of the comments on the Metrdome collapse video there are a lot of people that are not very surprised with the collapse. Many fans didn’t expect for it to hold up simply because the Vikings were doing so horrible. I guess they think that inanimate objects can be depressed – not sure on that one. Whatever the reason it’s for sure that the inflatable roof was not the best idea.

One of the comments on the Metrodome collapse video said that the Vikings should just man up and play the game without a roof. There are plenty of other teams that play outside, what is wrong with the Vikings? That’s a whole other ball game – sorry about the rabbit trail! Enjoy the Metrdome collapse video.

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