School Closing – Schools Across The US Closed For Snow

There are a lot of people that are talking about school closing. All over the United States kids are either bundling up or their schools are closed for the day. In the northern states they hold off on closing the schools as much as possible but in the southern states school closing is going to come with much less snow. If they even think that snow is going to come they run and close the school.

school closingJust check out this picture from Minnesota. After inches and inches of snow covered houses, cars and more they finally started thinking about school closing. Many people from the north think it is extremely funny to cancel school with just an inch of snow on the ground. For those from the south the “white stuff” is quite terrifying to get out in.

If you have snow coming towards your area make sure to check for school closing. The school systems want to make sure that the roads are safe. They want to make sure that the kids and cars are safe. School closing is a good idea sometimes but it can also get kids behind in school.

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