Jets Coach Trips Player – Huge Embarrassment

Did you hear about the one where the Jets coach trips player? Oh no, it’s not a bad joke or a nightmare. Sal Alosi actually thought that no one would notice him attempt to trip Nolan Carroll during a special teams play along the sidelines on Sunday. Not only did they notice but they also caught it on video.

You really can’t know what he was thinking. Everyone was shocked at the new low of as the Jets coach trips player. Maybe it was out of desperation but whatever it was it was less than sportsmanlike conduct. Now I guess he is just going to have to hold his breath and hope for the best.

You are going to be hearing this phrase all over the internet for quite some time – Jets coach trips player. Sal Alosi probably wishes to change spots with just about anyone else in the industry right now. I know I wouldn’t want to be facing off against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. As the Jets coach trips player that player Nolan Carroll ends up dancing all the way through for the win!

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