Sal Alosi Trip – Alosi Trips Carroll

What a down and dirty trick which is now going to be known as the Sal Alosi trip. Nolan Carroll was the subject of a trip attack during a special play. He stuck his knee out in attempts to foil Carroll as he was on the field during the 3rd quarter. I suppose he was feeling desperate but that’s still no excuse.

The Sal Alosi trip is not the only sorry thing that has happened in sports but this it the latest and greatest scandal as of late. Seriously, what kind of person doesn’t think that they are going to get caught doing this when they are on the sidelines with 1000s of people and so many cameras? The only thing I can think is that it was a horrible reflex to cheat. Carroll didn’t let that stop him however; his team went on to win the game.

The Sal Alosi trip is going to be playing on youtube for days and days as angry Dolphin fans flock to watch the action. Whatever they decide to do to Alosi, I am sure that the Dolphin fans are going to think it was not stern enough. I would not want to be in Alosi’s shoes right now and I would advise him to stay away from all Dolphin fans. Being famous for the Sal Alsoi trip is not what he wants to be famous for.

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