Russell Crowe death rumors

The search phrase “Russell Crowe died” spread across the internet like wildfire. As it turns out, Russell is very much alive, and the search phrase part of an internet hoax. It brings up much speculation on where these types of rumors start, and how they spread so fast. Prior to the Russell Crowe death rumor, Mission Impossible’s Tom Cruise was the subject of the same type of hoax stating he had died, but he, too, miraculously came back from “the dead.”

Rumors of this type are often started to generate traffic to blogs and websites that surfers would otherwise not normally visit. Aside from that, it’s just plain creepy. Some are wondering, also, if one fact gets transposed into another. There were some recent claims that Russell’s “Robin Hood” movie “died” at the U.S. box office. Could it be that someone confused the supposed death of a movie with the death of the actor? Results are not conclusive on the movie death yet, either.

Reports of a 50-foot fall from an Austrian mountain during the filming of Crowe’s upcoming movie were another contributor to the Crowe death hoax. However the rumor got started, everyone is glad that Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe are both still with us. Internet readers, keep in mind, just because you see in it print doesn’t make it so. Other celebrities involved in recent death hoaxes include Jeff Goldblum, Bill Cosby, Betty White, Pamela Anderson, Will Smith, Miley Cyrus, and Johnny Depp.

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