Tim Davlin – Found Dead In Home

The latest on Tim Davlin’s death is that the death was a suicide. The SRJ reported that Tim Davlin did not show up in court today. Davlin was supposed to be in court this morning regarding an estate case which involved his late cousin. Instead of being found in court he was later found in his own home dead.

tim davlinTim Davlin looked like he was living the life while all along he was drowning in debt. His total debts to the federal government were almost 90,000 dollars in back taxes. It is reported that liens had been filed against his home. All of this pressure pushed him to the edge and then to suicide.

The people in Springfield had nice things to say about Davlin such as how he was a good public servant and well rounded leader but his personal life was in a shambles. City alderman Frank Kunz is going to be taking over for a while since he is now mayor pro term. A new mayor must be selected to replace the late Tim Davlin within 60 days however.

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