Biggest Loser Finale – Patrick House Takes The Win With 189 LBS Down

The Biggest Loser finale is always an exciting event. Who doesn’t love to see a bunch of sweaty over weight people dropping weight like nobody’s business? No, really I’m serious. It’s like a caterpillar turning into… a… smaller caterpillar.

After all of the hard work done on the ranch for weeks and weeks Patrick House is the winner of at the Biggest Loser finale. He’s the season 10 winner and he takes home a whopping 250,000 dollars. Talk about motivation to lose weight!

What about the at home prize of the Biggest Loser finale? Mark Pinkhasovich brings in the at-home prize as he lost 50% of the weight that he started out with. Talk about amazing. The Biggest Loser finale always has some amazing results.

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