Heidi Jones – Facing Up To One Year In Jail

On Sept 24th the weather girl Heidi Jones allegedly lied about being sexually assaulted. No one is exactly sure why she lied about this assault but I can guess that since she was just a stand in talent she wanted some more attention and air time. The plan was not the brightest since now she is facing up to one year in jail or a 1,000 dollar fine. Pay the 1,000 dollars Heidi Jones.

heidi jonesFiling a false police report isn’t something to play with. It surely isn’t a great publicity stunt either. You could always get noticed in the media for something like streaking through NYC or attacking another weather girl. Heidi Jones really needs to get more creative.

How did they figure out she was a big fat liar? The police said that they noticed some inconsistencies with her story so they asked her some more things and she just admitted that she was not telling the truth. Hey Heidi Jones, lying about being raped is not cool.

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