AJ Burnett Divorce – Who Spilled The Beans?

There are a lot of people that are asking if AJ Burnett, which is the Yankees pitcher is getting a divorce. If he is that sure would explain the underwhelming season that we saw last year. He was keeping things under wraps pretty well until it was blasted over the radio. Colin Cowherd of ESPN’s The Herd let some information about the AJ Burnett Divorce slip while talking on the radio.

Whatever is going on we really do wish him the best. Claims are that the wife is really taking him through the wringer. Burnett and his wife have two kids together. Things could get really ugly with the AJ Burnett divorce.

According to Cowherd things are in fact so ugly that he didn’t even want to share them with the listeners. I say that he wanted to share and he is going to share but he wants to get more people listening and asking questions. It’s all about the numbers with these radio guys. You are sure to hear more about the AJ Burnett divorce.

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